New Tools, Hacks, and Toys

Which one of the following is a tool, which is a toy?

Toys or Tools?

Development Tools for the Project

From left to right: New Breadboard with a 6502 and 64K SRAM chip.  New Multimeter – my old one was trash.  Keyboard from Apple IIGS taken apart and ready to hack.

Current project update:

Keyboard is ready for hacking – literally.  My roommate and blacksmith friend Ellen is going to cut the numerical keyboard half off of the keyboard – which as luck would have it – seem to only be attached by jumpers.

Design is coming together.  I am planning on doing some very retro things with the case/layout design.

Tools are chosen:  I am going to learn the propeller chip because it is an optimal chip for this type of project – more on that in an upcoming post.

Learning Apple II memory map and 6502 Assembly.  Though, I’ve realized that I probably don’t need to know as much 6502 Assembly as I once thought, it is a very rewarding experience to learn a chip from the inside out.


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