Conceving the Apple Mu2

I have a dream.

That one day all the 8 bit machines of the 6502 era can live together in harmony.  I will not let the RP2C02, nor the RAM, nor even proprietary ROM come in the way of realizing my dream.  That said, my focus right now is to build a hack-top using the W65C265S.  This is a microcontroller based on the 16 bit 65C816 microprocessor, which is a flexible 8/16 bit IC that formed the core of the Super Nintendo.

However, for simplicity’s sake, this project has several simple goals:

  1. Learn 6502 Architecture
  2. Design a very small Apple II Clone
  3. Learn basic Hardware Hacking Tech

I may use the microcontroller version of the 6502 for simplicity, but it would be nice to have expansion capabilities up to 16 bits.



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