$5.00 LCD and $5.00 Atari

Design and acquisition go hand in hand.  As any hacker knows, a $5.00 LCD find can define the dimensions of a project… which seems to be the case today.


That is a $5.00 find at the local Goodwill.  It was probably a fully functional DVD player, but someone had paired it with a 9 V. adapter instead of the 9.5 it requires.  I believe the battery that came with it is good as well, so I’ll try to incorporate it into the design because laptop batteries aren’t cheap.

I was also able to score an Atari console and various connectors for under $10.00.  Someone at the store told me that Atari paddles are available at another Goodwill just a few miles down the road, but I’m not really interested (for now).

So, the current todo is to get a Voltage regulator and make a power supply for the mama-jamma that will work so I can test it out before embedding it.


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